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Online there are many advertisers who are promising that a person can make a huge amount of money online, These advertisements show housewives who are making thousands of rupees daily from their home. In some cases, these ads are frauds, and almost no one can make much money. In other cases, it involves extremely risky activities like forex trading

There is a third case, of some bloggers who claim to be making huge amounts of money. They are also posting income reports on their websites. In USA there is a lot of transparency, so it may be possible, that a better product or service is being sold. However, in India, people should be aware that there is usually a secret reason why some bloggers are making a huge amount of money. It is not related to the quality of the content of the website, almost no indian blogger, has excellent content

The real reason a blogger is making a huge amount , is the leverage which he has. The relative of the blogger may be a well connected government official or politician. So if a foreign company wishes to please the official or politician, get a favor done, they will pay a large amount to the blogger for advertising, consultancy services. The money will then reach the official, politician or the powerful person who will do the required favor.

While it is possible to make 100$ a month from a few websites, spending a lot of time, for making more money , either a large investment is required or more time has to be spent.

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